Massage Therapy For Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a common problem, where 1 in 5 people experience it. This type of pain can be chronic or recurrent and usually lasts for at least 6 months or more. It is not to be confused with acute pain which is typically short term, experienced by most people every day – such as the aches you feel during exercise.

Massage therapy has many benefits that are useful to those suffering from chronic pain.

1) Massage improves circulation. The main part of our immune system is located along our blood vessels, so improving your circulation means you have an increased immunity against diseases including cancer. Increased blood flow also relieves pressure on nerves, this helps decrease inflammation and pain sensation in the body overall. Improved blood flow allows cells to regenerate faster, speeding up the healing process.

2) Many massage therapists will apply pressure to trigger points in order to release areas of tension and pain; this is extremely useful for chronic pain sufferers because muscle tightness can be a major source of their discomfort. This technique helps reduce fatigue and improve sleep quality too, increasing your well-being during the day time.

3) Massage helps you feel relaxed and at ease – many studies show that regular massages lead to significant decreases in anxiety levels, depression, stress and overall mood stability (which is important for managing chronic or recurrent pain). Panic attacks are also better controlled when receiving regular treatments.

4) Overall massage improves wellbeing by reducing muscle stiffness which in turn means you have an easier time doing your everyday tasks. This allows you to live more comfortably in general, with less pain or discomfort in one area of the body leading to better movement and flexibility overall.

5) Massage has been known to improve motor coordination – this is very important when it comes to chronic pain sufferers because their sense of well-being often suffers due to limited physical activity. Even though you may not feel comfortable performing certain activities, massage can help reduce muscle tension which in turn can allow you to engage in more normal daily activities without experiencing additional discomfort.

Massage therapy for chronic pain is widely used around the world today because it is safe and non-invasive. It also helps people suffering from other conditions such as stress, anxiety, mental illness and depression to live a more fulfilling life.

Although massage therapy for chronic pain is widely accepted in many parts of the world, there are some risks associated with receiving a massage from an inexperienced operator or when performed by someone with not enough training. A good massage therapist will have been properly trained and have years of experience in their field. In addition, if you suffer from any serious illness such as cancer it is best to consult your doctor before receiving treatment. This way you can receive safe massages with minimal risk of side effects.

Massage therapy helps enhance quality of life for those suffering from chronic pain because it increases overall well-being in terms of sleep, mood and general health. It also reduces muscle tension which in turn means increased speed and efficiency of bodily functions.

If you suffer from chronic pain, check to see if there is a massage therapist nearby who offers their services; the number one reason for starting massage therapy in the first place is always going to be your quality of life.