Shopping around for the best balloon flight

Consider a few points before you book!

Who will you be flying with?

Hunter Valley Ballooning Co has had a brand refresh from Wine Country Ballooning.  If you book a flight with us you will be flying with us. We do not have lots of trading names offering flights at different rates and different levels of service. It is confusing for the customer and you usually all end up in the same balloon in any case.

Who will be your pilot and what are their qualifications?

Your pilot will be Daren Pallett. He has held a Class 4, Commercial Pilots Licence (the highest hot air balloon pilots licence available) for 10 years.  Daren has been flying balloons since the 1990s and here in the Valley since 2000. As well as his Class 4 Licence he has been delegated a "Chief Pilot" from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority - Australia's government body who looks after all aviation. Daren has a vested interest ensuring your trip is both safe and enjoyable. Living in Lovedale, Daren is a true local, flying over where he lives means he has an abundance of local knowledge - and gossip!

Who will be the ground crew for my balloon?

We have only three ground crew who have an average of 11 years experience working with your pilot - that's a record that we doubt anyone in Australia could match! Our ground crew are all certified by CASA, all attend regular safety seminars and workshops. Two of the three crew are fully trained firefighters with Fire Rescue NSW and all of them love what they do!

What balloon will you be flying in?

Our balloons are all certified Australian aircraft, using a combination of experience and the best technology available. For our small balloons, we never fly more than 10 passengers and the larger balloons up to 24 in a morning and we never fly more than one balloon a day. Personal Service with a focus on you. The balloons are very modern and comfortable. Our burners on the large balloons don't just meet minimum standards, they exceed them in all ways ensuring saftey and power.

No smoke and mirrors ... just honest service.

It seems that every company is "the most experienced", "the best value", "the most professional"..... so choose wisely. Why not have a checklist of questions to ask?

Will I be flying with a Chief Pilot? Yes
Will my pilot have 1000+ hours flying in the Hunter Valley? Yes
Will my pilot ensure I am safe, comfortable and having a good time always? Yes
Will the pilot be a local living in the valley? Yes
Will I get 100% refund on my flight ticket if the flight is cancelled? Yes
Do you take video and photos on your flights Yes